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Registered Office

Mandragora srl
via Capo di Mondo 61
50136 Florence
tel. +39 055 2654384

As a rule we are willing to accept new proposals, but we ask those who intend to present a project that it be compatible with the line of our catalog. Only on this condition we guarantee a response.

Mario Curia (President and CEO)

Sandra Rosi (Managing Director): s.rosi@mandragora.it
Matteo Mariotti (Editor): m.mariotti@mandragora.it
Chiara Rosadoni (Administration): c.rosadoni@mandragora.it
Monica Bocci (Administration): amministrazione@mandragora.it
Luca Pileri (Picture Editor/web content editor) 

Marco Salucci (editor): redazione@mandragora.it
Paola Vannucchi (graphics and DTP): p.vannucchi@mandragora.it
Maria Cecilia Del Freo (editor): archivio@mandragora.it

To submit your CV

At the moment there are no open positions but it is always possible to send speculative applications, they will surely be valued, but we don't guarantee an answer.

Public Relations and Press Office

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