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Magic Moments in Florence

A. Silvestri

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written and illustrated by A.M. Silvestri

publication year: 1999
150x210 mm, 132 pp.
over 200 colour illustrations

88-85957-29-3 English
88-85957-27-7 French
88-85957-28-5 German
88-85957-26-9 Italian

18th- and 19th-century travellers to Florence filled their journals with sketches and drawings, which – often better than words – managed to capture intense but fleeting impressions, fix curious or unusual sights, and highlight the contrast between the monuments of the past and the business of everyday life.
“Magic Moments in Florence” is such a traveller’s journal, the result of many visits which the author – a well-known Milanese graphic designer – has made to Florence at different times and under the sway of different moods. Nothing better than these magically evocative drawings can bring out the city’s “inner soul” – the subtle yet deep bond that links museums to markets, Renaissance palaces to fashion boutiques, ancient cloisters to wine shops…