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Florence. The Art of Cooking

Sandra Rosi

16,00 €

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by Sandra Rosi
introduction by Leonardo Romanelli


cm 160x240 mm, 192 pp.
75 colour illustrations

isbn 978-88-7461-257-4 Italian
isbn 978-88-7461-258-1 English

The new edition of The Art of Cookery reproposes the recipes of the Florentine culinary tradition, enhancing their simplicity, capturing their modern aspects, veering some of them towards an accuracy in the procedures to ensure that those who try the recipes – and then those who are lucky enough to taste them – will discover the presence and taste of each individual ingredient. All organized within the time frames of today’s schedules. We should not be scandalized if the procedures cemented in the historical memory of domestic walls are made faster through the use of the appliances now routinely used in the kitchen. So bring on the pressure cookers, mixers, blenders and immersion robots if they can help to free up a bit of time and a bit of happy effort in favor of imagination and creativity.

Cooking with passion is a game that continually puts us to the test, with results that only our guests can judge.