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Ricerche a Santa Maria Novella

Gli affreschi ritrovati di Bruno, Stefano e gli altri

Anna Bisceglia

45,00 €

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edited by Anna Bisceglia

textes by Serena Pini, Andrea De Marchi, Marco Merlo, Gaia Ravalli, Anna Padoa Rizzo, Anna Bisceglia e Simone Vettori

paperback with flaps
245 x 290 mm, 240 pp.
275 colour illustrations

isbn 978-88-7461-301-4

Published here for the first time are the scientifically profound and widely disseminated new revelations on the rediscovered ancient frescoes from the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella in Florence. Found on the nave walls, these frescoes date back to the most ancient phase in the church’s history.

These extraordinary discoveries, that stunned experts in the field for their unique characteristics and placement, were made possible due to the efforts of a restoration program involving the church’s altarpieces. A timely comparison of findings and historiographical resources permitted the authors of this volume to trace back a historical and artistic frame of reference. The ancient events of the Dominican complex and those of an entire city are woven within this context; proving that art is never just art, but is always intrinsically connected with politics.