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Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri per bambini/Divina Comedy by Dante Alighieri for Kids

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Summerizing verses by Massimo Seriacopi
Illustrations by Tommaso Levente Tani

205 × 285 mm, 144 pp.
63 colour illustrations

isbn 978-88-7461-355-7 Italian / English

This book tells, in both verses and images, just some episodes and concepts fundamental for the representation of Dante’s pilgrimage to the world of the damned, the purified and the blessed – otherwise the representation of the poet-prophet’s journey would have ended up being too complex and wordy. It is focused on the episodes most able to express and communicate, to appeal immediately to children’s understanding and imagination… and also to reach the children who remain within everyones. All of these considerations motivated the choice of language (Dante’s eleven-syllable lines, yet gave up on rhymes: their use seemed too trivial), as well as of forms and colours, and ultimately of the “symbols” which tell everyone about Dante’s poem, its culture and the way of thinking of its time.