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acquista 59.00 €

acquista 59.00 €

acquista 59.00 €

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acquista 119.90 €

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Mosaic Bracelet

Bracelet with enamelled geometric motif
acquista 147.00 €

Large Mosaic Ring

Band ring with enamelled geometric motifs on three levels
acquista 62.00 €

Small Mosaic Ring

Band ring with enamelled geometric motifs on two levels
acquista 59.00 €

Mosaic Ring

Adjustable ring with pendant
acquista 82.00 €

Mosaic Earrings

Spherical earrings with a coloured stone in the centre
acquista 87.00 €

Panel Bracelet

Adjustable bracelet inspired by the quadrilobate trim surrounding the panels on the North ...
acquista 142.00 €

Openwork Bracelet

Bracelet inspired by one of the 14th century mosaics decorating the floor of the Baptistry...
acquista 175.00 €

Crab Choker

Silver chain with crab-shaped pendant
acquista 56.00 €

Snail Choker

Silver chain with snail-shaped pendant
acquista 56.00 €

Frog Choker

Silver chain with frog-shaped pendant
acquista 45.00 €

Chain Bracelet

Silver chain bracelet, perfect for wearing either on its own or as a support for our penda...
acquista 19.00 €

Crab Pendant

Crab-shaped silver pendant
acquista 32.00 €